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Family History 4 Beginners

Who are Family History 4 Beginners?

A group of service-oriented, like-minded people from the History and Genealogy communities. Our aim is to open the worlds of History and Genealogy to you, and allow you to use our free resources as well as to help other members.Our service is totally free with experts on hand to guide you through your family history endeavours. We aim to offer an environment where you, and other members, can feel safe and welcome whoever or wherever they may be. Have a look around the site. We are here every day to help with any queries and suggestions you may have.

What we do at Family History 4 beginners.

Our free service provides help with Family Tree look-ups on well known genealogy websites. We will also help with general History problems or queries you may have. In most cases though, the more information you can provide us with, the better we can help you! We help in a number of ways:

Live Chats

At Family History 4 Beginners, we like to have fun monthly live chats, where you can talk to fellow genealogists about your work, any problems you may have, or just genealogy in general! The dates for our live chats can be found on the calendar to the right.

The Family History 4 Beginners Facebook Group and page

We have a Facebook group where we have knowledgeable admins and fellow members waiting to help you in your endeavours in genealogy. Join in at Family History 4 Beginners.Our Facebook page has daily links and facts to help aid you with your research at Family History 4 Beginners.


If you would like help contact us or you have a blog or page and would like to be listed on our site contact us

Family history 4 beginners is a free service however, if you value our work you may donate. By donating you will help our two charities click here to find out more.